Flying procedures

No slottimes, just register via the website and follow the procedures!

Due to the high number of expected visitors the procedures are as follows:

Friday the normal procedures are active, see also EHTX-VAC-1.

On Saturday the following inbound and outbound procedures are effective:
* Runway 21 LH : all traffic via reporting point A, outside the coast to point E for a straight in.
* Runway 03 RH : all traffic via reporting points A and B for a direct right hand base leg.
* Runway 30/12: normal circuit at 1.000 ft.
* See also Fly-in Procedures Saturday in printable pdf (below charts).
* Aerodome closed due to airdisplay from 13.00 local time until 13.30 local time.

On Sunday the normal seasonal procedures are active, see also EHTX-VAC-2 and EHTX-VAC-3.

Inbound Saturday

Outbound Saturday